Fusion House

Harnessing a bold exterior form, Fusion House by Dankor Architecture is a contemporary extension to a modest 1970s home in Brighton that breathes new life into the family domain. 

Having outgrown the program of the old dwelling, the clients sought additional and improved amenity to support their growing family. The clients’ reverence for the old home inspired a narrative around connection and contrast, with Dankor Architecture testing various geometries and forms to create a sense of spatial tension between old and new.

The steep angle of the new addition, accommodating three new bedrooms, simultaneously slices and pulls away from the existing single story brick dwelling, establishing a sense of dynamic movement. Angled timber lining boards sit in bold contrast to the home’s white-rendered walls inside and out; a graphic expression of Dankor Architecture’s contemporary intervention.

Internally, a continuation of warm timber boards and battens wrap floors, walls and ceiling, enveloping the family in an immersive atmosphere with natural tactility and thermal performance at its core. Ambient pendant and wall lighting gives subtle illumination and embellishment in the otherwise restrained and pared-back interior; a legible and refined proposition to frame the private zones of the family’s daily life.

The angled façade capitalises on the varying azimuth of the sun, maximising solar penetration in the cool winter months, while offering shade and protection in the heat of summer. Wide, double-glazed sliding doors allow the full throat of the interior to be opened to the garden, with cavity recesses giving a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Three timber decks appear to fold down from each window opening, giving a sense of the building unfurling to the landscape, while providing separable outdoor zones for each family member.

While clear in form and intent, the project demanded sound technical knowledge to deliver a highly resolved and integrated outcome. The addition articulates the private zones of the house with confidence, while maintaining a sense of comfort and warmth for the family in any season.

  • Client Private
  • Location Brighton
  • Project Duration 2013-2014
  • Floor Levels 1
  • Floor Area 120 sqm