Fusion House, Brighton


ABOUT Fusion House, Brighton

Designing a proposed three bedroom extension to the Brighton residence posed key challenge: how to embrace the original 1970s design while simultaneously creating a bold new, contemporary, form. This inherently led to a tension between the ‘old’ existing condition and proposed ‘new’ addition. The success of the project, we felt, lay in our ability to exploit this inherent tension. The conceptual framework, which led to the generation of form, aimed to express the collision between ‘new’ and ‘old’. Tilted façade walls were designed to be reminiscent of a tectonic impact that pushed the new addition into an acute angle. Internally, existing floor boards jutted into new at sharp angles, timber wall finishes thrust into the existing plasterboard and new ceiling battens wedged deep into the existing ceiling. Blackbutt timber cladding, used in the façade was carried through into the interior, suggesting the entire addition is a singular unit colliding with the existing condition.