Park Place

This remodeling project of a South Yarra residence aimed to visually connect the interior of the dwelling to the adjacent Yarra Park. The main living areas were reoriented to allow for an open plan kitchen that links the private courtyard at the rear to the central living and dining areas within the home. This reconfiguration allows for uninterrupted views of the park's greenery.

The design also incorporates playful elements that add to the overall aesthetic of the residence. For example, the staircase doubles as a bookshelf, connecting the ground and first floors, and a jellyfish tank doubles as a screen that conceals a private staircase connecting the living areas and the master bedroom.

The remodeling of the dwelling into an open plan living arrangement allows for cross ventilation and greater solar penetration, while the use of sculptural elements blurs the boundaries between art and architecture. Overall, the design successfully integrates the interior of the dwelling with its surrounding natural environment, creating a unique and visually striking living space.

  • Client Private Commission
  • Location South Yarra
  • Project Duration 2012 – 2013
  • Floor Levels 4
  • Floor Area 600 sqm