Plenty Road Apartments

Plenty Road is a mixed-use development located in a vibrant and eclectic suburb of Coburg. The building features 12 spacious apartments on the upper floors, with ground-level commercial spaces that provide convenient amenities for residents and visitors alike. The design of the building incorporates a range of materials, including brick facing, textured concrete, and timber linings, that create subtle contrasts and references to the area's industrial and residential heritage. The extensive timber eaves provide ample shading and shelter for the balconies, enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of the outdoor spaces. The interlocking arched design, inspired by the elegance of 1920s art nouveau, gives the building a distinctive and recognizable form that adds to its charm and appeal.

  • Location Plenty Road, Coburg
  • Project Duration 2022-
  • Floor Levels 4
  • Floor Area 2000 sqm