Red Hill House, Red Hill


ABOUT Red Hill House, Red Hill

Cantilevering above an expansive vista of rolling hills and endless ocean is Red Hill House: this single story, three bedroom, three bathroom dwelling showcases the natural beauty and versatility of timber. An uninhabitable house occupied the site when the property was purchased several years ago. Rather than demolish the dwelling, which was the obvious choice, the client chose to renovate. The font of the dwelling maintains its original form, while the rear undergoes a contemporary transformation. Internally, Hoop Pine plywood panels line the timber frame, offset with 5mm shadow-lines, which run continuously along wall and ceiling. Black Nero veneered kitchen joinery contrasts the predominantly blond timber hues and 'handle free' cupboards, with exposed ply 'grab edges', promote a tactile engagement with the plywood. Window reveals, jambs and skirting, all ply, have exposed edgings producing a homogeneous and consistently detailed dwelling. An array of interlocking plywood waves, beneath the kitchen's stone bench top, creates an organic feature of the plywood and timber wine boxes, suspended from the ceiling, are recycled into pendant lights. Interior doors mimic plywood panels - created by laminating ply strips to door panel edges and veneering Hoop Pine to the faces. Pivot hung, the doors patterned ply edge mirrors that of the jamb. White Cypress battens screen the dwelling from the road, creating a choreographed entry. Spotted Gum decking links the new renovation to an existing habitable shed and forms a series of seats folding towards the ground. Rough textured plywood cladding, finished in black paint, provides a visual counterpoint to the Messmate lined eaves. Timber has been used in a innovative and articulate manner throughout the project. A variation of species and engineered products has been incorporated, creating a dwelling with a unique and distinct visual appeal.